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General Resources: πŸ“ˆ | Staking App: https://restate.capital/staking 🌐 | Website: https://restate.capital/ πŸ“° | GitBook: https://restate-capital.gitbook.io/restate 🐀 | Twitter: https://twitter.com/restatecapital

What is Restate?

Restate is a secure staking platform on Solana where you can farm points and earn rewards from real estate. The revenue generated from real estate investments undergoes various strategies within Web 3 to boost the Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The resulting yield is distributed back to users in the form of rewards based on the points they have earned.

With Restate, you don't need to send your NFTs to the platform. Instead, the system checks daily or hourly wallet snapshots to verify if you own NFTs from the specified collection, all without needing direct access to your wallet.

How is Restate different?

Secure Staking: Our staking process ensures security without requiring direct access to your wallet. We conduct hourly snapshots of your holding wallet, and you don't need to lock your NFTs.

Variable and Secure Revenue: The revenue earned is dynamic, depending on market conditions. We optimize income from real estate by diversifying across different chains and Web 3 opportunities, including funding, staking, collateral strategies, and farming various token airdrops. This revenue is then distributed to our stakers based on the points they have earned.

New Opportunities for Inactive Collections: We offer opportunities for holders of dormant, low-volume, or inactive collections. Our staking platform provides a purpose for these collections, giving holders a new use for their NFTs.

Deflationary Strategy in Our Main Collection: After Season 1, staking will be exclusive to holders of our Europe Collection.

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