Coming soon... $Restate Pre-Market: 0% team allocation Supply: 10,000,000 (10 millions) Total: 10 000 Vouchers / 1 000 coins. You will be able to exchange this collectible for $Restate token after a token generation event.

First season will reward top users with the first bunch of vouchers. The season 2 will be open for farming to all our users that are involved in staking $Restate will have a limited supply of 10 million tokens, with 0% allocated to the team.

The tokens will be obtained exclusively through staking on our platform. Initially, $Restate tokens will be launched as NFT vouchers, allowing for early trading (Pre-Market). They will be presented as a token collection in NFT format, tradable on various NFT marketplaces.

In the first season, top users will be rewarded with the initial batch of vouchers. Season 2 will open up farming to all users participating in staking.


The staking rewards will be distributed over an extended period, ensuring that the token supply increases gradually through participation in staking. The floor price of the token will be determined by a combination of factors: the base price of the token, the base price of the collection being staked, any boosts and campaign incentives, as well as the points accrued through farming activities. The combined factors will be set to achieve a range of 7-14% revenue from the staking value of your assets.

Staking rewards: 80% Airdrop/Presale: 10% Marketing: 5% Liquidity: 5% TEAM: 0%

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